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Rock: Free Style

Markus Muth: Mann im Rock - ( R4813)

Ja, ich bin ein Rocker.



Masked Prayer

Lo and behold:
The end is nigh!
But I’ve been told:
Ye need not cry.

Whispers of old,
From graves so cold,
Songs from up high,
That cannot lie,
Voices o’ gold,
Still chide and scold,
Murmur ’n sigh:
Ye will not die!

Hope wilt be sold,
’Tis here to buy:
Be strong, be bold,
But never shy.

Fear controll’d,
Secrets unfold.
And this is why,
Doth say yon guy:

Grow thy wings! Fly!
From orb to sky!
Dare! Truly try!
Wish them sobs bye.

(Markus Muth)

© Markus Muth

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