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Rock: Free Style

Markus Muth: Mann im Rock - ( R3129)

Ja, ich bin ein Rocker.




Hatch’d from a swan’s egg,
Never did he beg,
For praise and applause:
’Twas given because,
He was who he was.

Amidst lush and green,
Waters’ mirror’d sheen,
Burbling, whisp’ring this:
Bless’d by nature’s kiss,
He is who he is.

Owns his will and thought,
Has all, wish’d and sought.
Look at him and see:
Beautiful and free,
He’ll be who he’ll be.

He himself and I,
Now thrice travelled by.
Methinks him so far:
Bright, a stunning star.
We are who we are.

Aye, we always were,
What we’ll ever be:
All Swan, slightly Sir,
Us twain, him and me.

(Markus Muth)

© Markus Muth

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